Photos from our time in Roatan. We visited the Sandy Bay Lighthouse Ministries as well. They are an underfunded home for children in need.

2013 What an Amazing year. God has blessed us so much. Can’t wait to see what he has in store for 2014 !! 

This is my second time laps ever with very basic editing and no music. All done in Adobe Lightroom. I hope with more editing this will look a lot better but it is a start.

This was made from 11 separate HDR photos. Each HDR photo is 3 photos so in total it took 33 photos to create the final panoramic. It turned out better then I expected. 

Wind and Sand (Taken with Instagram at sand hill ontario)

Panoramic shot of the Italian village of Portofino. We stayed up the coast in the town of Santa Margherita Ligure. 

You know your in Italy when. (Taken with Instagram)

Now this will help with my chocolate addiction. Zurich (Taken with Instagram)

On Thursday this week we fly out to Paris and then on to Switzerland from there we have two days and one night in Germany. We fly to Italy on the 22ed. In 2006 we went to Europe on our honeymoon and now we are going back to Italy! 

I will do my best to document this trip by taking lots of photos and doing a video diary.

The photos above are from our honeymoon in Italy.


A collection of sunset shots from last night. I was stuck with just my cell phone and an older Olympus E500. I think it turned out alright in the end. Another reminder to never leave home without your camera and that the light and subject are more important then the lens or camera you use.

*Very little editing as I was shooting JPG. The colors you see are how it shows in camera. I did some noise reduction to clean up the files.